Lawmakers, Family Groups Stand Up Against Abortion of Babies with Down Syndrome


HARRISBURG – Lawmakers and advocates gathered in Harrisburg today to rally in support of a resolution sponsored by Senator Scott Martin (R-13) that condemns the practice of selective abortion of babies with Down syndrome.

Senate Resolution 174 denounces the use of abortion or sterilization techniques to rid society of a class of individuals. Some studies suggest that the abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome is as high as 90 percent.

Martin’s resolution is designed to draw more attention to the fact that individuals with Down syndrome can lead amazing and fulfilling lives.

“There are a wide range of viewpoints on the topic of abortion, but we should all be able to agree that no individual’s life should be terminated based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome,” Martin said. “The idea that a child with Down syndrome is better off unborn is debunked every day by the hundreds of thousands of individuals currently living with this condition.”

The lawmakers and advocates were joined by Chloe Kondrich, a young girl from Pittsburgh who has Down syndrome and was the inspiration behind passage of Chloe’s Law in 2014. That legislation made more information available to parents and families after a pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

In his remarks at the press conference, Martin also spoke about the rewarding and full life enjoyed by a friend in his 30s with Down syndrome.

“We should be celebrating the lives of men and women with Down syndrome, not looking for ways to end them,” Martin said. “Seeking to eliminate an entire class of people is an unethical and immoral act that has no place in a civilized society, especially when it does nothing to remedy the genetic disorder.”


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