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Senator Martin supports the Fair Funding Formula

Senator Martin has always supported use of the Fair Funding Formula and believes that it should be implemented.  He is a co-sponsor to SB 123 which would require the state to fully implement the Fair Funding Formula over a time period of 4 years.  Senator Martin does not support any hold harmless provision that benefits school districts that have lost enrollment.  Instead, he believes that money should go to districts which have had growth as a matter of fairness to growing districts and their local property taxpayers.  There is currently a Fair Funding Lawsuit which is being litigated and we await a decision in that case.

Fair Funding Formula Myths vs Facts

Myth – The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is giving less money per pupil to low-income school districts.

Fact – The opposite is true.  In fact, the School District of Lancaster receives 224% more money than that of Manheim Township per pupil from the state.  Specifically, SDOL received $11,272.87 per student from the state during the 2020-2021 school year, while Manheim Township school district received only $3,472.77 per student. 

Myth – Support for the Fair Funding Formula is divided by political partisanship.

Fact – Similar to the property tax discussion, the Fair Funding Formula is more of a geographical discussion than a political one.  School Districts located in areas that have seen growth over the past 20 to 30 years would benefit from the full implementation of the Fair Funding Formula while districts in areas with contracting enrollments oppose it.  It is more of a Western Pennsylvania or Eastern Pennsylvania discussion than one of political party membership.

Myth – Appropriation amounts for school districts is decided by the Education Committee.

Fact – Annual appropriations for education is negotiated by leadership of the Senate and House, along with the Governor during the budget process.

Lancaster County School District State Revenue per Pupil based on Average Daily Membership

All data listed on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Website – Annual Financial Report from the 2020-2021 school year.  Note that the School District of Lancaster currently receives the most money per pupil in Lancaster County while Manheim Township receives the least amount per-pupil from the state. 

School District2020-21 Average Daily MembershipState Revenue per ADM
1Lancaster SD10,470.141$11,272.87
2Columbia Borough SD1,333.691$10,242.04
3Solanco SD3,244.235$6,367.97
4Cocalico SD3,084.469$5,833.73
5Warwick SD3,984.903$5,811.28
6Pequea Valley SD1,523.101$5,727.72
7Manheim Central SD2,993.408$5,465.35
8Donegal SD3,029.933$5,357.77
9Elizabethtown Area SD3,814.036$5,343.63
10Ephrata Area SD4,202.329$5,219.12
11Penn Manor SD5,567.334$5,056.83
12Eastern Lancaster County SD2,949.367$4,952.22
13Hempfield SD7,125.785$4,770.82
14Lampeter-Strasburg SD2,889.530$4,576.42
15Conestoga Valley SD4,246.858$3,568.68
16Manheim Township SD6,058.142$3,472.77

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How Can You Help the Fair Funding Formula Become A Reality?

  • Engage legislators who currently do not support using it – let them know that you believe it is important for the formula to be fully implemented.
  • Contact the Governor and ask him to support the Fair Funding Formula without budget gimmicks or hold harmless clauses so school money is given to districts that deserve it.
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