Meeting to consider SB 82, SB 522, SB 766, SB 840, SB 913, SB 971, SB 1031, SB 1246, SB 1260; and HB 73 and HB 657

Senate Appropriations Committee

Wednesday, June 26 | Off the Floor

Rules Room


SB 82 (Phillips-Hill) Amends the Dog Law in various provisions.
SB 522 (Brooks) Amends Title 34 (Game) and Title 30 (Fish) by making resident hunting and fishing licenses available at a discounted rate for volunteer firefighters.
SB 766 (Comitta) Amends the Administrative Code to make changes to the composition of the State Planning Board.
SB 840 (Brown) Creates the Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Related Disorders Act.
SB 913 (Langerholc) Establishes the Virtual Mental Health in Schools Act to require parental consent for virtual mental health services provided by a school entity.
SB 971 (Coleman) Amends the Public School Code to require a school entity to provide notification of incidents involving possession of a weapon on school property.
SB 1031 (A. Williams) Amends the Cosmetology Law to provide for the exemption of natural hair braiding as a licensed practice.
SB 1246 (Kearney) Amends Title 74 (Transportation) to codify the State Safety Oversight Office.
SB 1260 (Santarsiero) Establishes the Stand with Israel Act.
HB 73 (Kerwin) Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to authorize PennDOT to issue a special registration plate to honor veterans who served in Operation Inherent Resolve.
HB 657 (Bullock) Establishes the Transparency in Realty Agreements Act.

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