Senate Republican Leaders Announce Resolution Supporting Efforts to Fight Illegal Immigration

HARRISBURG – Just days after issuing a statement in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to secure the southern border, Senate Republican leaders today announced a resolution that calls on President Biden and other federal officials to take meaningful action to protect American citizens against the negative impacts of illegal immigration.

Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward (R-39), Majority Leader Joe Pittman (R-41), Appropriations Committee Chair Scott Martin (R-13) and Majority Whip Ryan P. Aument (R-36) circulated a co-sponsor memo today for a resolution that affirms Governor Abbott is lawfully exercising his Constitutional authority to defend his state and its citizens.

The resolution also calls on Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro to join dozens of governors from across the country in support of Governor Abbott’s actions, and also calls on the Biden Administration to stop fighting against Texas’ efforts and instead commit resources to support Texas in securing the border.

“Many of us are hearing from our constituents who are concerned with this troubling crisis and who have expressed a desire for us to help take a stand against the Biden Administration’s disastrous border policies. This resolution reflects our duty to uphold our oath to support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and ensure the safety of its citizens,” the lawmakers said. “State and local officials across this country have sounded the alarm regarding the straining of their resources, the scourge of fentanyl deaths, the tragedy of human trafficking, including children smuggled across the border, and the flow of illegal firearms and dangerous gang members; all exasperated by the disastrous enforcement at our borders by the Biden Administration.”


Erica Clayton Wright (Ward)
Kate Eckhart Flessner (Pittman)
Jason Thompson (Martin)
Stephanie Applegate (Aument)

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