Citing Sound Fiscal Management, Fitch Upgrades Pennsylvania’s Bond Rating

HARRISBURG – As a result of Pennsylvania’s sound financial management and strong budgetary reserves, one of the nation’s leading credit rating agencies announced it would upgrade the state’s bond rating, according to Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Scott Martin (R-Lancaster).

Fitch Ratings announced on Monday it would upgrade the state’s bond rating from AA- to AA, a rating last held by Pennsylvania in 2014. Martin said the upgrade should lead to lower debt service costs going forward, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

The agency specifically noted that the upgrade was the result of strong budgetary reserves and management of spending pressures, although it warned that drawing down these reserves could lead to negative ratings actions in the future.

Martin pointed out that Senate Republicans have led efforts in recent years to build the state’s Rainy Day Fund to historic highs and resist new recurring spending that is not supported by long-term revenue projections.

“This is another clear indication that Pennsylvania is on the right track in terms of how we are managing taxpayer dollars, as well as the importance of continuing to work toward a budget that meets the needs of our communities without placing new tax burdens on families and job-creators,” Martin said. “We have a clear roadmap on how to address the economic and demographic challenges we face in the years ahead. The key is having the courage to follow it by resisting calls for new programs and services that taxpayers cannot afford a few years from now.”

The rating boost follows other major credit rating agencies upgrading Pennsylvania’s long-term financial outlook. In September, Moody’s Investor Services and S&P Global Ratings both affirmed Pennsylvania’s current Bond Rating and revised the state’s financial outlook from “Stable” to “Positive.”


CONTACT: Jason Thompson

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