Meeting to consider SB 188, SB 190, SB 248, SB 411, SB 460 and SB 647

Senate Appropriations Committee

Monday, May 8, 2023 | Off the Floor

Rules Committee Conference Room


SB 188 – (DiSanto) – Requires the General Assembly and the Governor to approve all regulations with an
economic impact or cost to the Commonwealth, its political subdivisions and to the private sector that exceeds $1 million.

SB 190 – (Brooks) – Provides for an automatic, three-year review of economically significant regulations.

SB 248 – (Mastriano) – Amends Title 64 (Public Authorities and Quasi-Public Corporations) to establish the
Veteran-Owned Business Loan Guarantee Program within the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

SB 411 – (Pennycuick) – Amends Title 30 (Fish) to streamline and modernize the way fishing licenses are
issued for disabled veterans and military personnel in Pennsylvania.

SB 460 – (Bartolotta) – Amends the Public School Code to establish the Child Reunification Act.

SB 647 – (Gebhard) – Amends the Public School Code to provide for a personal financial literacy course.

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