Key Points from Senate Budget Hearings with Department of State, State Police

HARRISBURG – The Senate Appropriations Committee kicked off the second week of budget hearings Monday with the Department of State and Pennsylvania State Police.

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s $45.8 billion plan seeks to boost state spending by more than $1.3 billion above the current year’s budget. Projections indicate it will nearly wipe out the state’s Rainy Day Fund in five years.

Department of State

The Department of State (DOS) and acting Secretary Al Schmidt have requested an additional $5.3 million in funding for operations – an 86.7% increase.

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  • Pennsylvania’s election system has received scrutiny in recent years. The committee sought details about federal and private election funding, county election grants, funding outreach to unregistered voters and publishing constitutional amendments.
  • The failure of DOS in 2021 to properly advertise a proposed constitutional amendment that would extend the timeline for victims to file litigation against their abusers was inexcusable and DOS needs to demonstrate it has safeguards in place.
  • Workers and employees alike deserve better service from DOS when navigating the professional licensure system. Implementing a new system to ensure faster permit processing times is critical.
  • Government agencies such as DOS hold a growing amount of citizens’ personal information, and ensuring cybersecurity is critical. The department must be especially cautious due the number of employees not working in person.

Pennsylvania State Police

To bolster funding for Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure, the Senate recently passed legislation to restrict the diversion of transportation funding out of the Motor License Fund to state police. The governor’s budget plan proposes phasing in a new Public Safety and Protection Fund to support State Police.

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Video Highlights

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