Court Voids Acting Secretary of Health’s School Mask Mandate

HARRISBURG – After the Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam’s school masking order was declared void by the court, Sen. Scott Martin (R-13) released the following statement:

“The Acting Secretary of Health’s school mask mandate is yet another example of government overreach. As I’ve asserted since the Summer, she never had the authority to enact these types of mandates. The Wolf Administration needs to stop issuing mandates like this one that aren’t constitutionally or statutorily authorized, especially without having an emergency declaration in effect.”

“In the spring at the polls, our citizens voted to establish a framework for the Governor to abide by, and the accountability of the General Assembly’s involvement during an emergency. Today, the court agreed that the Wolf Administration does not have unlimited control. It is critical that the Wolf Administration realizes it does not have the authority to act unilaterally to place restrictions on Pennsylvanians, and that they should be working collaboratively with the Legislature, school districts and local governments.”

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