New Law Authored by Martin Will Protect Young Victims of Sexual Assault

HARRISBURG – Legislation that would protect young victims of sexual assault against the possibility of having to attend school with their attackers was signed into law on Tuesday, according to the bill’s sponsor, Senator Scott Martin (R-13).

Act 110 of 2020 will require schools to remove any student convicted or adjudicated delinquent of sexual assault against another student enrolled at the same school. The school district will now be required to expel, transfer or reassign the offender to another school or educational program.

Under the new law, school districts must ensure the offender is not educated in the same school building, transported on the same school vehicle or allowed to participate in the same school-sponsored activities as the victim.

Martin introduced the proposal after speaking with the family of a young local student who was raped by her classmate. Her attacker was adjudicated delinquent for the crime and was later allowed to return to school.

“Young sexual assault victims should never be put in a situation that forces them to see or interact with the person who attacked them at any moment,” Martin said. “I am thankful that this law will provide the peace of mind for these young survivors to know that they can attend school safely without that kind of threat looming around every corner.”

The new law will go into effect in 60 days.


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