Senate Approves Martin Bill to Facilitate Local Government Maintenance and Services

HARRISBURG – Local government maintenance projects and services that are stalled due to repeated lack of bids could move forward under a bill approved unanimously by the Senate today, according to the bill’s sponsor, Senator Scott Martin (R-13).

Under current law, some maintenance and services cannot be completed if the local governing body does not receive an acceptable bid. Senate Bill 494 would allow political subdivisions and authorities to enter into contracts for services when two consecutive advertisements fail to induce bids.

“We have seen cases in the past in which important functions could not be completed because they failed to generate a bid,” Martin said. “The bidding process is essential to ensure taxpayer dollars are protected. However, when no bids are submitted for critical projects and services, counties and municipalities need another outlet to ensure these projects can move forward. It also costs taxpayers money to prepare and advertise bids over and over again, so this will ease these repetitive expenditures.”

Senate Bill 494 was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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