Senator Martin Calls on Governor Wolf to Create a Real COVID-19 Recovery Plan for Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Martin (R-13) issued the following statement today regarding Governor Wolf’s address about Pennsylvania’s path to recovery:

“I am disappointed that Governor Wolf still has not revealed a clear path to recovery from the COVID-19 disaster. We need a clear and direct strategy that balances the need to mitigate the spread of this dangerous virus with the need to get Pennsylvanians back to work safely. We don’t need more empty words and false promises. We need a real plan. We did not get that today.

“Pennsylvanians are suffering – some of them needlessly – because of Governor Wolf’s go-it-alone approach to this crisis. We absolutely need to take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and we should work together to make that goal a reality. However, we cannot do that without full transparency and clear objectives. Because the governor has chosen to work only with a select few members of his Administration and unelected bureaucrats in other states – and not the elected leaders from his own state – we are no closer to achieving recovery today than we were five weeks ago.

“I am equally frustrated that the governor is purposefully misrepresenting a plan approved by the legislature this week to allow some Pennsylvania employers to resume operations. Our plan relies on the guidance of national health experts at the CDC and CISA as well as local elected officials in order to allow workers to get back on the job – but only when it is safe to do so. Our bill does not open the flood gates and allow the virus to spread. It is structured specifically to ensure the health of our communities is protected as we begin the long road to recovery, and to ensure Pennsylvania workers can safely go out and earn a paycheck instead of wrestling with the state’s disaster of an unemployment compensation system.

“It does not have to be this way. This should not be a partisan issue. We should be able to work together to determine how to protect our state and safely allow people to get back to work on a realistic schedule with proper safety protocols in place. By failing to work with the legislature, Governor Wolf is failing the people of Pennsylvania. I strongly encourage Governor Wolf to come to the table and work with leaders in the General Assembly to create a real path to recovery, not a bunch of murky language and meaningless platitudes that he calls a plan.”

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