Martin Urges Wolf Administration to Begin Cooperative Work on COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Senator Scott Martin (R-13) issued the following statement today urging Governor Wolf and his Administration to work cooperatively with the other branches of government to help the state recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19: 

“Over the past month, Pennsylvania has faced extraordinary circumstances from COVID-19 that have negatively impacted millions of state residents. As we continue to battle this pandemic, it is critical for all branches of government to begin making preparations to recover from this catastrophe and chart a course for a brighter tomorrow. Many businesses have been able to operate with safety precautions in place. Other businesses are eager to show that they too are more than prepared to operate with safety precautions for the health of our citizens, to fix broken supply chains and for the good of our economy and sustainability. 

I support the concept proposed by many of my colleagues to create a special Inter-branch Task Force to gather information and recommendations and create a plan to help Pennsylvania move forward safely and responsibly. This kind of input will ensure any restrictions placed on people and industries can be properly vetted, and those restrictions can be relaxed promptly and replaced with new guidance when we reach the point where our health systems are no longer at risk of being overrun with critically ill patients. 

“None of this should be construed as an attack on the Wolf Administration. Our legislation is not about gamesmanship or scoring political points; if we wanted that, we could just as easily create our own task force headed entirely by Republican leaders to criticize every decision the governor makes. Instead, we are seeking a cooperative, bipartisan approach from all three branches of government to get our state back to work in the aftermath of COVID-19. These goals are not, and should not, be mutually exclusive.”

“Pennsylvanians deserve a government that works together in the face of extremely challenging circumstances and in the best interests of the people we serve. I am hopeful that Governor Wolf and his Administration will join us in creating a recovery plan that will help our Commonwealth come back stronger than ever before.” 


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