Martin’s Ballot Modernization Bill Earns Senate Approval

HARRISBURG – As lawmakers weigh potential changes intended to strengthen Pennsylvania’s election system, the Senate approved a measure today that would remove an antiquated ballot requirement that increases costs to local taxpayers.

Existing state law requires a separate ballot or a separate column on voting machines when voting for the retention of justices, judges, and justices of the peace.

Senate Bill 413, sponsored by Senator Scott Martin (R-13), would eliminate this outdated mandate.

“The current requirement only places a higher cost on counties and creates confusion among voters, many of whom skip those questions entirely,” Martin said. “Cleaning up issues like this are a big part of ensuring a strong, efficient system of elections, while at the same time not saddling county taxpayers with unnecessary mandates.”

The measure would require an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution. Amendments must be approved in two consecutive legislative sessions before being decided by voters via referendum.

Senate Bill 413 was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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