Senate Panel Approves Martin’s Election Cost-Savings Measure

HARRISBURG – The Senate State Government Committee approved a measure today sponsored by Senator Scott Martin (R-13) to remove a costly, confusing and unnecessary mandate on county elections boards.

Senate Bill 413 would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to eliminate the requirement for a separate ballot or column for the retention of justices, judges and justices of the peace. This outdated requirement only increases costs for counties and increases confusion among voters, Martin said.

“Many counties are struggling with the increased costs required to ensure election security without creating new hurdles for voters, so we should continue to explore every way to help reduce the costs of elections without having a negative impact on voters,” Martin said. “I am hopeful that we can find commonsense ways to reduce the cost of elections while at the same time protecting one of our most sacred rights as Pennsylvanians and as Americans.”

The bill was sent to the full Senate for consideration.


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